The 71 members of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County are as diverse in size as they are in scope of services: housing, healthcare, food access, refugee and immigration services, child care and early education, legal services, mentoring, workforce development, reentry services, developmental disabilities, and so much more.

Our job is to help these helpers in five general areas of work:

  • Government relations (local, state, and federal)
  • Funding advocacy and cultivation
  • Driving collaboration between our members, and between our members and across sectors
  • Facilitating or providing trainings, programs, services, a la a traditional chamber of commerce
  • Communicating and educating (Internally, to our CEOs with exclusive analysis and information; externally, to our community through social media and a weekly e-newsletter)

These are the agencies we are proud to support: 501c3 organizations working to make our community a better place through direct service and direct advocacy to the most vulnerable in Franklin County.

Current Members