One of the most important reasons the Human Service Chamber was formed was to speak with one voice on behalf of human service agencies. To that end, we spend a great deal of time entrenched in our communities most urgent needs, especially those that are inherently complex and systemic. In other words, we tackle the issues that no one agency can solve on their own.

Our Public Policy Committee develops and executes strategies that can move the needle on important issues. Here are the issues we’re most concerned with right now:


... an affordable home for everyone in our community
Cut the affordable housing gap in half by 2025.
Develop new programs to allow seniors to age in place.
Double the number of low-income households living in high-income neighborhoods by 2025.
Increase the amount of supportive housing available to people with mental illnesses, veterans, and other vulnerable populations.


... an opportunity to earn a living for anyone who is able to work
Reduce the number of young adults ages 16-24 who are neither in school nor working by 25% by 2020.
Increase the human service sector's capacity to match business needs with trained workers.
Develop new programs and partnerships that would better integrate new Americans into the workforce.
Increase wages to a sustainable level either locally, statewide, or federally by 2019.


... all children grow up in an environment that prepares them for success
Increase the number of early learning and academic assistance programs for PreK children.
Increase the capacity and quality of out-of-school programming.
Secure a stable funding stream to support summer learning opportunities in Franklin County.
Increase awareness of and access to quality mentoring services for African-American male youth.


... a community that promotes healthy living and provides extraordinary treatment
Build Franklin County's capacity to serve the oncoming wave of aging baby boomers.
Strengthen the human services infrastructure in such a way that it can keep up with the demand created by Medicaid expansion.
Ensure that Franklin County residents have access to addiction prevention and recovery supports that insurance will not cover.
Provide low income families with greater access to healthy, affordable food and opportunities for physical activity.


... an efficient and effective human service sector
Enact policy changes that would help to reduce turnover among home health aides, social workers, and other front-line program staff.
Promote efforts to develop comprehensive, coordinated case management systems for human services.
Support Franklin County's specialized court dockets and strengthen our relationships with the judges who preside over each of them.