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10TV, Dispatch Amplify Need for Federal Aid

With thanks to 10TV and The Columbus Dispatch, a pair of stories in our local press highlighted the need for community support of our member agencies this winter–including and especially the need for federal stimulus to help our community in the difficult weeks ahead.

Molly Brewer of 10TV featured our recent membership survey, in which we found that of our 61 responding agencies, over $61 million has been lost in revenue since March, while $21 million has been incurred in Covid-related expenses.

Earl Hopkins of The Columbus Dispatch reported that despite local benevolence, the needs for our nonprofit agencies and the people they serve remain unmet because the needs are so significant.

As we told The Dispatch:

“There is enormous concern that without a new federal stimulus package, the nonprofit sector, and the social safety net it creates in partnership with our local government agencies, philanthropic partnersĀ and our health systems, will be in a very precarious state when our community needs those agencies the most.”