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Equitable Housing in Central Ohio

HSC proudly sponsored a report release and community conversation with our friends from Measurement Resources Company at the Columbus Metropolitan Library!

Our thanks to Jerry Revish and 10TV for this thoughtful story about the report release, and the critical issue of affordable housing in our community.

The report, which comes at a time when the Columbus Region is working fervently to meet the surging growth in our community, concluded the following:

As the region works to support mixed-income neighborhoods and provide affordable housing opportunities, it is critical for housing policy and affordable housing plans to consider an equity and gender lens to ensure old patterns of discrimination and lack of access are not perpetuated. Whether working to provide families in low-opportunity neighborhoods access to housing in high-opportunity areas, or revitalizing low-opportunity neighborhoods, focus must be placed on the comprehensive needs of families (e.g., access to quality education and social supports), as well as preserving the history of the neighborhoods and their cultural significance. Additionally, addressing barriers to obtaining stable work for low-income populations, such as job training, flexible work options and caregiving support for single-parent households are paramount for these families to access housing throughout the region. Of course, considerations must also be made to providing housing that is within the affordable range for families earning less than $35,000 a year. While rapid population growth is on the horizon for Central Ohio, policies and practices must address these barriers so that every central Ohioan can afford the basic living expenses that come with safe, affordable housing. It is the American dream to create a better life for the next generation; yet how Central Ohio addresses this issue can impact the next generation and the prosperity of all our residents significantly.