Letter from the Executive Director

Help us protect food stamps for 3.1 million people

We need your help fighting hunger and preserving health for millions of Americans. We always need this help, benefiting the work all of our agencies do for their clients; that help is all the more urgent this September, which is Hunger Action Month. And here’s why.

A week from today, public comments are due to the USDA regarding an a proposed rule that would eliminate 3.1 million Americans from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as “food stamps.” This misguided proposal circumvents Congress’ bipartisan support of SNAP: Just last year, Democrats and Republicans came together to reject any changes to food stamp access.

This proposal would eliminate $9.5 billion in food stamps, which is a mere .41% of the cost of the 2018 tax cut, a tax cut from which the benefits were not reaped by the people whose food stamps are now in jeopardy.
Ironically, SNAP lifted 3.1 million people above the poverty line in 2018.
The federal government’s choice to expel 3.1 million people from food stamp access would instead hurt people experiencing poverty, and would create significant new costs as people cope with the interconnected ramifications of losing access to basic nutrition, which would ripple across our sector.

These ramifications also include an economic one: SNAP drives a local economic impact for farmers and grocers, a positive impact that would be severely diminished.

Collectively, the consequences of this rule going into effect would be terribly negative. People and communities would be hurt. In Franklin County, where nearly 150,000 people benefit from food stamps, our sector would need help serve individuals and families in heightened need.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Please join us in reaching out to Senator Portman, Senator Brown, Representative Beatty, Representative Stivers, and Representative Balderson, and please submit a public comment urging rejection of this unnecessary proposed rule to take food from our friends and neighbors.