Letter from the Executive Director

Legislative Updates and Convening with our Peer Alliances

It was a rollercoaster of a week–more so than usual.

  • Columbus voters passed a bond proposal that will generate $50 million for affordable housing in our community. How will that money be used, and when? MORPC and the City are working on it.
  • The Ohio House passed a budget bill, but not before a whirlwind 24 hours when an oxymoronic “Healthy Ohio” proposal was abruptly added, panned, and removed after a statewide clamor from service providers and advocates alike. The proposal is oxymoronic because rather than improving the health of Ohioans, it would have driven thousands from Medicaid as it did in Indiana.

This all underscores the importance of coming together, across sectors and perspectives and philosophies, to fight for advancing the human potential of every one of us.

The rollercoaster on this arc toward justice can feel unending, including and especially for our case workers and social workers and advocates on the ground every day. It’s imperative we take the time for resuscitation–vicarious and otherwise–so we’re maximally impactful every day.

On Friday, I had the chance for resuscitation in the company of our peer organizations in Cincinnati and Austin, with whom we spent the day reframing the way we serve our member agencies and our communities. I am so very grateful for their partnership and example: Our efforts are aligned to improve systems and structures with partners across government, business, education, philanthropy, grassroots–anyone and everyone who sees the value of every act of social and human service that collectively determine the direction we are taking as a country of Americans, old and new.