Letter from the Executive Director

HSC Endorses Passage of Issue 11 to Fund Affordable Housing

This Tuesday, we strongly encourage all Columbus residents to vote in favor of Issue 11, a bond package that would generate $50 million for affordable housing without raising taxes.

Early voting is ongoing through Monday, and the polls will be open at 6:30 AM Tuesday morning across the city.

At a time when the affordable housing deficiency in our community is a staggering 54,000 units, identifying resources to address the intertwining and significant challenges created by this housing shortage is paramount. This bond initiative is a critical step toward doing so.

As our friends at the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio (AHACO) noted this week when similarly offering their support for this effort, the $50 million this will generate “will be used to leverage other public- and private-sector funds.”

Accordingly, we join with AHACO, The Columbus Dispatch, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and many others in offering our support for Issue 11 and for affordable housing in our community.